About Projects

Green Public Procurement (GPP) is a voluntary instrument that plays a significant role in the European Union's efforts to promote sustainability and become a more resource-efficient economy. GPP involves public authorities using their purchasing power to choose environmentally friendly goods, services, and construction works. By incorporating clear and verifiable energy efficiency and environmental criteria into the public procurement process, GPP aims to stimulate demand for more sustainable products and services in the construction sector.

The Competence Quality Standard (CQS) developed by the TRAIN4SUSTAIN project is closely related to GPP. The CQS provides a framework to evaluate and report the competence, skills, and knowledge of professionals in sustainable building. It establishes a common understanding and harmonized criteria for assessing the competence levels of individuals working in the construction sector.

In the context of GPP, the CQS serves as a valuable tool for public building authorities. It enables them to include requirements for sustainable energy skills and competences in the procurement process for public construction projects. By referencing the CQS in their procurement documents, authorities can ensure that the course content and qualifications of professionals align with the sustainability objectives they aim to achieve.

The CQS allows public authorities to assess and verify the competence levels of professionals in sustainable building, ensuring that the selected contractors or service providers possess the necessary skills to deliver environmentally sound construction works. It provides transparency and a standardized approach to evaluating and recognizing sustainability qualifications, helping authorities make informed decisions and promoting sustainable practices in the construction sector.

By incorporating the CQS into the GPP process, public authorities can contribute to raising the demand for sustainable energy skills and promote the adoption of sustainable construction practices. This integration supports the overall goal of GPP, which is to drive the market towards more sustainable products, services, and skills in the construction sector.